Welcome to Personalized Learning Environments (PLEs)

Welcome again! This week, you will have the opportunity to discover what Personal Learning Environments are all about and how different applications can be used to manage them.

A Learner’s PLE

In this video, a student explains how she manages her PLE using Symbaloo.

For your viewing pleasure, we have the rest of the team describing their own PLEs. Proceed through the content in this blog by starting with the Activities page.


  • Develop an understanding of Personal Learning Environments.
  • Explore PLE applications in sandbox activities and evaluate them.
  • Apply the creation and use of PLEs to your own area of expertise.
  • Consider options and opportunities for PLE and PLE-related ventures in the future.


There are a number of different activities for you to participate in throughout the week. A quick list is here, but you can find more details on the Activities page.

  1. Create a description of your own PLE
  2. Explore the resources including: what is a PLE, PLE tools, advantages & issues, and evaluations and future potential on their respective pages
  3. Investigate PLE management tools with the “Sand-box” activity and corresponding polls
  4. Select a discussion question or two to engage in on our Discussions page.

We hope you enjoy this week’s activities and discussion!


Chris, Danielle, Dave, Gillian, Janet and Meggan

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