Read the instructions for all of the activities below. Afterwards, go through the content in this blog and come back to this page to complete the activities.

  1. Create and share a description of your own PLE. It can be a story, a mind map or any other form that you feel works. Add your PLE to our Team page, where you can also find and view our PLEs. A list of possible tools which can meet your own learning style can be found at PLE Tools. For a selection of web tools classified according to Bloom’s Taxonomy, see Table 2. If you are unsure of your learning style, you can try these simplified assessments to give you an idea:

  2. In this “Sandbox” activity¬†please take a look at the applications below that can be used to manage PLEs. Add a tool to one of them. Afterwards you may complete the poll for that PLE tool (see the link to the right of each tool) and participate in the follow-up discussion question. We will share the results of the polls with you later this week so we can consider potential uses of these tools.

    Symbaloo User Name:
    Password: pleadapt522
    Take the Symbaloo survey.
    Netvibes Netvibes Logo User Name:
    Password: pleadapt522
    Take the Netvibes survey.
    Flipboard Flipboard Logo User Name: etec522
    Password: pleadapt522
    Take the Flipboard survey.
    Thinglink Thinglink Logo User Name: None needed – just edit! Take the Thinglink survey.


  3. Please select one or two of the following questions to discuss with your fellow learners. We have setup a “Discussions” page with corresponding areas for each topic. We look forward to your ideas and input.

    1. What does the increased number of PLEs mean for the educator? How will these changes affect the educator, the learner, and the learning environment?
    2. In your given teaching environment, what factors would promote and encourage the use of PLEs and what factors may act to limit or impede the effective use of PLEs? How might these factors influence whether or not you invested the time and money in PLEs?
    3. Comment on one of the aggregator PLE tools from the Sandbox activity. What did you find worked well, what would you have liked to see that wasn’t there?

One Response to Activities

  1. Donna says:

    The Symbaloo was really neat. I created my own PLE. Have a look if you like:


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