PLEs require systemic change Implementation of PLEs at any significant level requires the buy-in and likely the differentiated training of teachers, administrators and parents. “The ability to learn what we want, when we want, with whomever we want as long as we have access creates a huge push against a system of education steeped in time-and-place learning.” (Richardson, 2012)
Students may lack motivation and reflective skills “The process of self-directed learning requires a degree of self-awareness, and it must be given time to mature. Some students, however, may have never taken the time to think about their own metacognition or to reflect on how they learn best. These less experienced students may not be ready for the responsibility that comes with building and managing a PLE.” (Educause 2009, p. 2)
Students may lack media literacy “despite their ability to quickly learn new online tools and computer applications, many students lack the information fluency necessary to recognize when a writer speaks from authority, for example, or when a narrative is opinion.” (Educause, 2009, p. 2)
Technology Issues: Many teachers /students may not be familiar with and /or be overwhelmed by the vast array of digital tools and apps available, underscoring the need for training in-service teachers which can be costly.Access to technology and/or the Web may be limited in some schools.
Security Issues: Sites are often open to public view which may cause security concerns especially for younger students.

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