Tools for Creating PLEs

As Personal Learning Environments are specific to the individual, they can be managed digitally in just about any space using any combination of resources. There are, however, several specific aggregator tools which allow users to organize their content and resources in single locations. It should be noted that the tools below may actually fall into more than one category or be used in a number of different ways and, therefore, these represent only one possible configuration.

PLE management tools:

Symbaloo Ecto
Google Sites  ELGG 
Ning  MindTap
Thinglink NetVibes

For almost every learner’s need, there is a tool to match. Below are examples of tools that students can embed into their PLE management space.


Mindmeister Moodle
Edmodo Evernote

Bookmarking Tools:

Flipboard Tidy favorites Pinterest
Delicious Diigo Pearltrees

Social and Shared Media:

Facebook WordPress Voicethread
Twitter Flickr Tumblr


Skype Elluminate

In a PLE, students can include more than tools that match their preferences and learning styles. They can also include adaptive learning tools that vary the learning difficulty of the content.

Adaptive Learning Tools:

Knewton Grockit Alleyoop

2 Responses to Tools for Creating PLEs

  1. Donna says:

    I have heard people mention many of these eduation tools before but seeing them all displayed together and having the opportunity to check them out is excellent. It’s amazing how many there really are available. Of course some are more appealing than others, such as Moodle for example.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. kimberleenoel says:

    I`m sure that PINTEREST fits in here somewhere…. I know its primarily a social media site, but can have many other uses, including professional and educational.

    Great list of sites, thanks for putting them together! Can`t wait to explore them all.
    Pinterest addict,

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