What are PLEs?

A Personalized Learning Environment (PLE) is a concept whereby learners (students, employees or lifelong learners) use different resources or communities, both real and virtual, to achieve their educational goals. PLEs are shaped by the learner’s interests, learning styles and personal preferences. For example, a learner who prefers consulting and creating visual resources might make flickr and visual.ly (an infographic generator) a part of their PLE.

PLEs can be formal or informal – a system for meeting educational goals or for keeping on top of current events.  PLEs are used in K-12 programs, in higher education and in corporate training. Members of community groups and museum or science centre educational programs and lifelong learners can increase their informal educational experience using PLEs as well. Although the subjects vary according to the learning goals, the purpose of the PLE remains the same – to allow each individual learner to thrive by approaching instruction in the way best suited to their preferred learning styles.

Information on particular aspects is discussed further:

Current Uses

Common Themes

3 Types of PLE

Training Students to Use PLEs


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