3 Types of PLEs

There are three types of uses for K – 12 PLEs

1. Completely online:  The student is enrolled in a virtual school or distance education that incorporates PLEs.  Examples: Virtual High School, K12, The Khan Academy

2. Used in a specific class:  The teacher designs or uses a pre-set design that allows students to develop a PLE for a specific topic, subject area or course. One example is shown on the home page of this blog.

3. Used across a system:  PLE use in this case involves systemic change – a complete remodelling of the current system.  There are a number of pilot schools or examples where this has taken place.  They involve:

  • A physical change:  Common open areas and flexible schedules and groupings are created.
  • A curricular change:  Specific, content heavy curriculum needs to be replaced with curriculum that speaks to broader topics and over-riding goals that are more flexible for individual learner needs.
  • A professional development change:  Educators need to be supported in this movement.

Examples of Systemic Change:


One Response to 3 Types of PLEs

  1. Donna says:

    I like the “Inquiry Hub”. It has a great presentation and design.


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